Customers evaluate a variety of variables while selecting whether or not to buy a product. If the item is being ordered online, the customer may evaluate things such as your company’s reputation and whether you offer hassle-free returns or free shipping in addition to the features and benefits of your product. However, the final block to making a purchase will always be the cost. With just a 1% drop in price producing up to 11% increase in profits, this piece of the puzzle is extremely important.

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The Perfect Price Point from RetailBound, a retail product marketing firm

What is Restructuring in Business?

Restructuring in business refers to the process of reorganizing a company’s structure, operations, or finances in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or increase profitability. …

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Ways To Upgrade Warehouse Security 

In 2020, stolen goods from warehouses made up 14% of all global cargo theft. Thieves looking for easy profit have shifted more focus on warehouses, …

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