Predictive maintenance employs measurements from machine activities while they are happening and uses this data to trigger alarms when signs of a problem are noticed, whereas preventive maintenance depends on best practices and historical data.

Predictive maintenance has the advantage of being proactive, which means that it can spot issues before they become serious and need to be fixed. When anything eventually goes wrong, predictive maintenance can significantly reduce unscheduled downtimes. By reducing the amount of equipment failures and extending the lifespan of the equipment, it also increases labor efficiency and industrial productivity. Additionally, even while a planned outage for preventative maintenance may be annoying and lower overall capacity availability, it is far preferable to Furthermore, a planned downtime during preventive maintenance is far preferable to an unplanned downtime during reactive maintenance, where costs and duration may not be known until the issue is identified and fixed, despite the fact that it may be inconvenient and lower overall capacity availability. Continue reading the section below for details.

Predictive Maintenance from Advanced Technology Services, an industrial maintenance outsourcing company

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