With the development of the internet and digital data, our lives have become almost incomprehensibly more convenient. Consumers and brands can communicate with one another with simply the click or tap of a button. As easy and convenient as technology is, this instantaneous access to information and its subsequent spread over various channels have resulted in the generation and gathering of a plethora of data that is beyond comprehension.

Consumers have legitimate privacy concerns because this information is so easily accessible to both known and unknown sources, and it is also at risk of being stolen. For instance, a recent survey revealed 74% of respondents would like companies to have a clearly visible seal guaranteeing that the brand is not tracking them directly on the advertisement. Similarly, there’s being more transparent in regard to global legislation compliance surrounding the capture and use of personal data. Companies are advised to ensure privacy policies are easily accessible on their websites and users are given the opportunity to opt in or opt out of email campaigns and other specific actions going forward.

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