College students are constantly faced with many financial burdens. On top of paying for tuition, room, and board, the students must also provide themselves with the tools they need to succeed. According to the Education Data Initiative, the average student at a public 4-year college pays around $1,291 on books and supplies per year.

Many public school teachers also struggle financially to provide the necessary resources for their students. Business Insider interviewed public school teachers who said they spent anywhere between $500-$1000 out of pocket to help fill their classrooms with supplies. With the staggeringly low rates of teacher salaries, these educators often struggle to have access to technology that would help advance their classrooms.

This article will provide you with a new way to save money on technology as a student or educator and walk you step-by-step through the process of how to access the Education Discount Program by Samsung. 

So What is The Education Discount Program?

The Education Discount Program is an initiative by Samsung that offers access to high-quality products at a portion of the cost. Using the Samsung promo code, you can receive up to 30% off various products.

The specific percentage off depends on the product you are purchasing. For example, students and teachers can receive up to 15% off on new Samsung phones while using the Education Discount Program.

The program also handpicks devices on the Education Discount Program tab to showcase students. This selection helps cut down on the time a student spends surfing through their website for the best deals on products that they may want. Instead of spending that time and stress shopping for devices, you can now get back to studying and spending time with friends!

How Do You Access These Great Deals?

  1. Make a Samsung account using your institution’s email address
  2. Choose a product from the Education Discount Program tab
  3. Purchase your product online

You must first make a Samsung account to sign up for this program. Go to to start your savings! You must be enrolled in a 2 to a 4-year institution and working towards a degree or employed by a school.

When you make your Samsung Account, be sure to use your school email account. Since this deal is only available for students and teachers, you cannot access the Education Discount Program offers with a regular email account. It must have .edu attached to verify that you are enrolled or employed by an educational institution.

These offers are only available online, so you must fulfill your purchases through the Samsung website if you want these great deals.

Once you choose the products you want, you can check out using a Samsung promo code for your discount. That is all there is to it. This deal helps you save time and money, which are both limited commodities when you are a student or teacher.

Find this deal and many more Samsung promo codes through SlickDeals.

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