With millions of daily active users, Twitch has emerged as the largest online video games streaming platform in the world. The platform has provided gamers with an opportunity to make money by doing what they love the most, playing video games. They just need to find an audience for them.

Silently, the video gaming community has expanded. Various countries have started to recognize this. Some of them have earmarked money in their annual budgets just for the online gaming platforms.

With this, we bring to you an ultimate guide to tell you everything about the fast-growing platform.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is an online platform owned by the tech giant, Amazon. It provides live-streaming services. The platform was originally used by the online gaming community. But now you can find a number of streamers sharing their favorite music, movies and other lifestyle content.

However, if we talk about the largest community on the platform, it still is ruled by the gamers. The idea of Twitch’s popularity can be understood from the fact that 72.2% of all the hours watched live are watched on Twitch alone.

What is Twitch Marketing?

We live in the age of influencers. From fashion to everyday products like Shampoo, face wash etc., influencers today are into everything. Twitch marketing to say very simply is similar to social media marketing on other social media sites. The only difference is that influencers on Twitch, use live video streaming to promote the product or the service. Other platforms use pictures or prerecorded videos.

Twitch marketing has unleashed a wide number of marketing tactics to the world. Apart from the conventional methods, Twitch streamers actively use shout-outs, giveaways and unboxing to market the product or services.

How do companies reach Twitch streamers?

Companies reach out to the streamers via emails or phone calls. Once they reach out, the negotiation is done and promotion deals are signed. In most of the cases, there are legally binding contracts.

The streamer then follows the contract to promote the product or the service in their live stream.

Tips For Better Twitch Marketing

Twitch is a platform for the young. The majority of the people on the platform belong to the bracket of 16-34. So, the target audience one needs to cater to is pretty large and diverse. In all this, a twitch marketing streamer can use some tips for their benefit. We are here to provide you with those tips.

Content First, Advertisement Second

If you want to make a substantial impact and really influence the audience, you need to be good at what you do. Be it the game you are playing, the song you are singing or the painting that you are painting. The audience will come to you primarily for your talent.

It does not matter if you use conventional methods of advertisement like banners or you use shout-outs, people will come to you to get entertained in the first place. Interestingly, most of the users do not want products to be sold to them, but they approve of the streamers using sponsorships.

Users buy products if they can feel a personal connection with the product as well as the streamer. Keep in mind that you need to entertain them first and then do the twitch marketing.

Set your goals

It is really important that you are clear about your goals and targets while marketing products. For example, streamers can set goals about the number of subscribers they want by a certain date. Setting tangible, realistic targets will help you achieve your business goals efficiently.

You can also plan on the kind of marketing tactic you want to use for advertisement. These goals help you save a lot of time because you do not then have to waste time deciding on other tasks.

Understand your audience

As a streamer, the audience is your most important partner. It is really important for you to know what kind of people are in your audience. Their age, their tastes, their sexual orientations etc. help you plan your pitch in a better way. Also, you can choose the most suitable products for twitch marketing.

Companies choose the streamer which has the kind of viewers that can become their potential customers. In this situation, twitch marketing streamers can ask themselves these questions:

  1. What is the average of viewers on my channel?
  2. How many users watch my stream and from which countries?
  3. Are my viewers majorly male or female?
  4. Which device do they use for watching the stream?
  5. Which game/ song receives the widest reach?

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