You might be shocked to hear that WordPress powers over 455 million of the websites that you visit every day – that’s an estimate of around 37% of the all the websites on the entire internet. It’s also available in 60 languages. Given its popularity and ease of use, it’s really no surprise that many of those who build and maintain websites for a living make use of the powerful features it offers.

It’s Completely Free

Not only is WordPress completely free to download and use, it’s also extremely popular and millions of websites on the internet run on it. That means that it’s updated often, and security vulnerabilities are patched quickly and often. Of course, the WordPress ecosystem has a great many developers offering many paid themes and plugins; there are just as many and if not more offering their work for free or a simplified version of paid themes and plugins for free. Plus, there is almost always a free way to accomplish the same task without having to buy something.

Customisation Options are Endless

WordPress has a robust and excellent theme and plugin system that allows for endless possibilities to customise not only the website, but the way it works, and the features presented to your visitors too. The basic WordPress installation offers a comprehensive and excellent blog platform, but plugins can expand the basic WordPress website into almost anything you can imagine. Bear in mind that most WordPress websites are hacked due to not keeping plugins updated, so use the built-in plugin updater to keep yours up to date.

You Don’t Need to Know How to Code

WordPress built its popularity on the ability to customise, build and use the content management system without ever needing to write even a single line of code. Sure, it helps with more advanced development and to make more granular changes to existing themes, but there is so much available to help you do this without having to code that it has a broad skill level appeal.

It Has Multi-User Support

If you have many contributors to your website like different authors or administrators, each can be given their own user accounts and each user account can be controlled to a certain degree to allow for different levels of access. For example, if you only want someone to be able to write a post but for it to be reviewed before publication, this is easily doable.

You Can Use It as an Online Store

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits for a CMS today is the ability for it to function as an online store, and WordPress will happily do just that. Using plugins like WooCommerce, you can even set it up to take payments and automate the creation of shipping labels. The more time you spend setting up and configuring your WordPress based online store, the more it can do for you.

If you’re looking for a no-frills way of getting your next web project online, then consider WordPress as your CMS.

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